WIT Works Webinar - Executive Springboard: The Chief of Staff Role as a Catalyst for Women in Leadership
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
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This WIT Works Webinar is open to all members of The WIT Network, including those with Community Memberships.

This session will explore the pivotal Chief of Staff role and how women can use it as a strategic position to hone critical skills, build a strong network, and create visibility required to take on top executive roles. We’ll delve into how this position can serve as a powerful launchpad for aspiring women to unlock their potential and reach the highest echelons of leadership. Whether you aspire to be a C-level executive or are simply looking to strengthen your leadership arsenal, this session is your guide to climbing the corporate ladder with confidence and competence.
After participating in the webinar, attendees will walk away with:

  1. Appreciation of how the Chief of Staff role serves as a strategic position for gaining deep insights into corporate operations and executive decision-making.
  2. Understanding of the skill sets and attributes required to be successful in the Chief of Staff role.
  3. Awareness of challenges and opportunities for women who choose to take this role.
  4. A roadmap for professional development and growth via the experiences they can gain from this role to ascend to higher leadership positions
  5. Insights into building and fostering mentorship and sponsorship relationships that can support career advancement as they navigate the path to next levels of leadership.
Wednesday, July 31, 2024             
3:00 - 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time
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